Sunday 9 October 2022

Ariel Institute

     Ariel Institute is a public school based in Kalay region that provides quality education to students across Myanmar to support the implementation of the quality education. Ariel Institute is a collection of classes collected by the cooperation of not only teachers in the Kalay region but also teachers, respective professionals and educated youths in various regions of Myanmar.


Vision of Ariel Institute

In implementing information and communication technology related education, we look forward to continuing and enhancing students' teaching-learning process. It is also expected to contribute to the emergence of a new humane society.


Mission of Ariel Institute

The mission of Ariel Institute is to promote student achievement and preparation for future study opportunities by fostering educational excellence.


Beliefs of Ariel Institute

1.      Education is the combined responsibility of the individual, Ariel Institute, and home (parents).

2.      Given the opportunity, all students can learn, achieve, and excel.

3.      Students must accept responsibility for their education and democratic citizenship.

4.      Lifelong learning is essential for a person.

5.      Students learn in a positive, happy, and safe environment.

6.      Each student is unique and has self-worth.


Human rights policies and Cyber security policies

1.      We Ariel Institute operate with a "Zero Tolerance" policy with a strong emphasis on accountability and personal safety for rights of students; parents; schoolteachers and school council members.

2.      Information which filled in the school enrollment form for students and registration form for teachers is kept confidential in Ariel Institute’s Database.

3.      The information of students, including teachers, will not be used for any purpose other than for educational and academic assessment purposes.

4.      No permission will be given to anyone or any organization other than Authorized School Council Members, who have the right to maintain and manage the information of Ariel Institute such as disclosing; informing; distribution of the information of students and teachers.

5.      If there is a leak or misuse of any information of a student or teacher studying at Ariel Institute, the perpetrator (whether a school council member, teacher, parent, or student) must be dealt with effectively.


Official methods of communication

In accordance with Ariel Institute’s privacy and cyber security policies, only e-mail and Microsoft education tools will be used as official means of communication.


Programs of professional development for teachers

The teaching activities of Ariel Institute are online-based, and the teachers serve as online-based. Mobile Data Support and licensed Microsoft tools will be provided for teachers based on their needs. During his/her tenure at Ariel Institute, there are also programs to support teachers' professional development.


Date of Commencement of Teaching

Ariel Institute’s all-inclusiveness policy: all students enrolled in Ariel Institute are granted admission to school and allowed to study.

On the 1st of November 2022, school classes are opened and taught.